Magnetic Level Indicator type VISCOROL 70

- AISI316L body and wetted parts.
- AISI316 fixed flanges.
- Side-Side process connections (LL).
- Horizontal connections: 1" ANSI900.
- Distance between connections: 600mm.
- View: 600mm.
- Stainless steel housing for graduate scale with polycarbonate rolls.
- Titanium float.
- Drain hole 1/2" NPT plugged.
- Air vent 1/2" NPT plugged.
- Dampening spring top and bottom.
- Medium: Hydrocarbon.
- Design Pressure: 94barg.
- Design Temperature: 90°C.
- Working Pressure: 63barg.
- Working Temperature: 20°C.
- Working Density: 0,55Kg/l.
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