Bilge Water Level Switch TORS

Type TOR S with chamber protection, several float type materials and with NFO cable execute with SPDT changeover Reed Switch.

The TOR S magnetic level switch is recommended for application in ship bilges, to control wastewater, sea water and water containing oil residue.

It can also be used in tanks that are difficult to access and where the presence of liquids must be reported.

Equipped with reed switch contacts, it allows the control of one operation point.

Several level switches installed locally in the ballast tanks and are used to remotely report the achievement of various filling levels.

In addition, when suitably connected to each other, several instruments carry out the start and stopping action of the pumps.

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Artikelnummer / Kopen Product Voorraad Prijs Kopen
COLI-T.S.2.2.A.1.1.0 Bilge Water Level Switch TORS € 140,00
COLI-T.S.2.2.A.1.1.1 Bilge Water Level Switch TORS € 145,00
COLI-T.S.2.10.A.1.1.0 Bilge Water Level Switch TORS € 165,00
COLI-T.S.2.10.A.1.1.1 Bilge Water Level Switch TORS € 175,00
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