MEC Series Magnetic Level Switches

MEC Series Magnetic Level Switches, weather-proof housing, and with the requirements of the European Directive ATEX 94/9/EC, PED 97/23/EC.

Magnetic activated level switches in many executions for controlling liquid levels in most industrial applications. When they have been installed at the point of operation, they work as on /off switches and are used for full automatic management of tanks (including pressurised ones) allowing operations such as starting /stopping of pumps, opening / closing of solenoid valves and activation of alarm systems.

One or more instruments can be used, depending on the number of operation points necessary. The level switches can be equipped with electrical contacts, reed or micro switches along with various forms of protective housings to suit most environmental and safety conditions.
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Artikelnummer / Kopen Product Voorraad Prijs Kopen
COLI-MEC.M.M.F.2.SQ.B.63.1.1.A1 Horizontal Magnetic Float Level Switches € 365,00
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