MOD. 005

Multi-stage diffusion silencers

During the expansion process for compressible substances such as gases, steam or air, one of the main problems is noise pollution.
The noise is caused by opening the valve and discharging the expanded fluid at the speed of sound.

Silencers are a great way to reduce this noise, caused by discharging the valve, bringing it down to allowable levels. They are used in places such as power, chemical and petrochemical plants to discharge safety valves, control valves, etc. in pressure lines and equipment that convey compressible substances such as steam, air, carbon dioxide, helium, methane, nitrogen, oxygen and other gases.

They achieve noise reductions of more than 50 dB without any additional acoustic absorption materials.

For models and options see PDF documentation below, follow this link to the PRICE LIST

* Zoekterm: stoomwater, veerveiligheden, steam water, safety valves, VYC

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