The SOBA SMALL is a level regulator equipped with an external adjustable resin ballast.

* No maintenance needed, thanks to its biconical shape that avoids any clogging.
* Easy to install, easy to use
* Ecological float switch (no mercury, no lead)

* Clear, clean liquids, rain water
* Wastewater, sewage water, charged liquids
* Slightly aggressive liquids (oils, mud, paint, etc.) and more aggressive ilquids if equipped with a HR HY cable
* Level control of multiple pumps
* Emptying / Filling function
* Overflow or dry-running protection
* High / low level alarm

Technical specifications:
Operation mode: Omnidirectionnal
Allowed fluid density: 0,70 à 1,25
Maximum pressure: 3.5 bars
Allowed temperature: 85°C
Protection index: IP 68
Power supply: 12, 24, 48 VAC/VDC and 250 VAC 50/60 Hz
Cut-out power: 16 (6) A (16 A résistive - 6 A inductive)
Housing material : Copolymer polypropylene
Cable 3 cond. 1 mm²: Neoprene or HRHY
Weight without cable: 110 g
Cable weight: Neoprene 115 g/m or HRHY 110 g/m
Ballast: Loaded resin 250 g
Standard cable lenght (serie): 5, 6, 10,13, 15, 20 and 30m

* Zoekterm: kabelvlotter, niveauschakelaar, level switch, ATMI
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Artikelnummer / Kopen Product Voorraad Levertijd Prijs Kopen
ATMI-SOBASMALL.5M Float Level Regulator SOBA SMALL € 89,68
ATMI-SOBASMALL.6M Float Level Regulator SOBA SMALL € 95,95
ATMI-SOBASMALL.10M Float Level Regulator SOBA SMALL € 120,28
ATMI-SOBASMALL.13M Float Level Regulator SOBA SMALL € 138,55
ATMI-SOBASMALL.20M Float Level Regulator SOBA SMALL € 185,10
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