TUBA 125C tubular float level switch

The TUBA 125C float level switch is a small diameter tubular float that has been designed for high temperature & very aggressive liquid mixtures.

* This small tubular float level sensor is equipped with a TEFLON cable and a specially designed PTFE housing for extremely aggressive liquids, such as for example sulfuric acid and very hot liquids reaching temperatures up to 125°C.
* The TUBA 125 C level sensor has a ball inside a sealed polypropylene cylinder that will activate a microswitch according to its position. This principle is extremely reliable.
* The small diameter of this float (Ø 40 mm) allows its introduction by small holes often placed on the vertical walls of the tanks.

- High temperature liquids up to 125°C
- Very aggressive liquid mixtures such as sulfuric acid
- Slightly aggressive liquids (oils, mud, paint, etc.)
- Level control of multiple pumps
- High / low level alarm

Technical specifications:
- Operation mode Omnidirectional
- Allowed fluid density 0,75 to 1,50
- Maximum pressure 2 bars
- Maximum temperature 125°C
- Protection index IP 68
- Electric characteristics 230 VAC - 50/60 Hz
- Cut-out power 6 (4) A (6 A resistive – 4 A inductive)
- Housing material PVDF
- Cable PTFE
- Conductors & section 3x0,22 mm2
- Fixed ballast type PTFE
- Standard cable lengths 5, 10,15,20, 25 (other lengths upon request)

* Zoekterm: kabelvlotter, niveauschakelaar, level switch, ATMI
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