End of Line Flame Arrester for Endurance Burning

Flame arrester approved to EN ISO 16852 (formerly EN 12874) as end of line flame arrester for endurance burning prevents a light-back at deflagration and stabilized burning (during and after endurance burning) of potentially explosive vapor-air and/or gas-air mixtures at the end of vent pipes.

Endurance burning end of line flame arresters for alcohol (ethanol, methanol ...) or alcohol/petrol mixture have to have a special approval (see EN ISO 16852 Point 11.1 d).

Petrol stations offering ethanol petrol blends (Ethanol/Petrol mixture E5, E10, .. E50,...E85) have to be protected against flame propagation from outside with a end of line flame arrester special approved for this application.

For this purpose we are offering end of line flame arresters approved for endurance burning of E5, E10, ...E50,..E85 (see below ).

Material availability: Steel zinc plated and chromated or stainless steel

Connection: Thread, DIN EN-Flange, ANSI-Flange

* Zoekterm: vlamdovers, flame arresters, Flammer


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