MOD. 265, 365 and 366 ASME/FNPT ASME/SW

To verify the flow, direction and condition of liquid in a section of piping. It helps detect blockages in valves, filters and other line equipment.

In particular, it enables verifi cation of correct operation of the condensate traps, ensuring that there are no steam leaks, with the cost this would entail. It also enables observation of a product’s viscosity, turbidity and, in particular, its colour in the diff erent phases of its production process.

Applicable to:
* piping conveying liquids
* steam and condensates
* among others

In any type of industry: chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and more.

For models and options see PDF documentation below, follow this link to the PRICE LIST

* Zoekterm: flow kijk venster, flow level indicator, sight glasses, windows, VYC


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