Model 250

Liquid ejector model 250 are used to rise liquids, oils, hot and cold, fluid and thick liquids. Their operation is easy and sure. The maximum suction height is 6 meters.
The indicated ratings are maximum, corresponding to a suction and pump height of 1 meter with a dry steam pressure of 4 kg/cm² or water at 3 kg/cm². For any enquiry or order, please specify :
1.- Flow rate.
2.- Type and temperature of the liquid to be elevated.
3.- Height of suction and elevation.
4.- Motive pressure.
It hasnot any mobile parts, that which favors the decrease of noise and vibrations. Body PN16, Maximum pressure 16 bar g to 200°C.

* Nodular GGG40.3 (standard)
* Bronze RG10
* Stainless steel AISI 316

* Bronze RG-10 (standard)
* Stainless Steel AISI 316
* Monel

Standard construction flanges

* Zoekterm: stoomwater, ejector, jet pompen, steam water, jet pumps

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