Model 280

Reheater model 280 is used to increase the temperature of the fluid that it`s flowing through pipes. The operation is very simple. Steam is injected through the upper flange and it circulat through small holes in the nozzle. It produces steam jets which pushes the fluid into a low pressure area and creates turbulences. Then, the liquid and steam are mixed, increasing the initial temperature (An increase in pressure is also achieved).
No moving parts, so it reduces noise and vibration. It has no maintenance.Body PN16, maximum pressure of 16 bar to 200°C.

* Nodular GG40.3 (standard)
* Bronze RG10
* Stainless Steel AISI 316

* Bronze RG-10 (standard)
* Stainless Steel

* Zoekterm: stoomwater, ejector, jet pompen, steam water, jet pumps
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