Perseus Level Switch (IP, EXia)


One of the benefits of the Perseus range is the separation of the flameproof and adjustment chambers allowing adjustment of the set point with power on and the switch in operation. The housing is available with one or two electrical entries. Switching is effected in this unit through transforming, by means of a eccentric cam at fulcrum, the vertical motion of the flow with level change to the considerably reduced movement of a horizontal switch plunger which is arranged to operate a one or two SPDT/SPCO microswitches. This type of level switch can be used on tanks under pressure or vacuum, being suitable for pressures up to 3.5 Bar (only with spherical float) and liquid temperatures up to 100°C. It is suitable for low temperature operation but will not operate if the liquid is frozen. The device can be mounted through a 27mm hole drilled in the side of the tank with joint washer and back nut pro- vided. (access inside the tank will be required to attach the float. Alternatively it can be provided with a flange and cylindrical float which will allow for the insertion of the switch complete with float.
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