Pressure Excess Valve Model S1

The S1 model is self-operated pressure excess valve. This series of regulators is suitable for steam, compressed air, non-hazardous gases and liquids.
It has a very quick response to the demand. Globe valve, single seat.
The stem is sealed by the double layer bellow. It is made in stainless steel 316Ti.
To avoid any damage on the bellows, S1 series is provided of an anti rotation system.
The diaphragm is enhanced with an intermediate lining.
Regulation range between 0,5 and 15 barg with different actuators. Valve opens when the upstream pressure increases. Maximum inlet pressure 15 barg.

Fluids: Liquids, compressed air, natural gasses and steam.

* Zoekterm: stoomwater, steam water, druk ventielen, pressure excess valve
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