Pressure Excess Valve Model S2

The S2 model is self-actuating excess pressure valve. It`s used to maintain the pressure upstream of the valve to an adjusted set point.
When upstream pressure rises above a set point, the valve opens proportionally pressure rising.
This series of regulators is suitable for steam, compressed air,gases and liquids.
Actuator mounts diaphragm with intermediate reinforced lining.
Set pressure regulating range between 0,02 and 10 barg with different actuators (up 16 barg under request).
Condensation tank (pot) is available and necessary for steam or fluid upper to 125°C, to protect the diaphragm against overheating.
The excess pressure valve is not a safety valve, and then if necessary, an overpressure protection must be installed.

* Zoekterm: stoomwater, steam water, druk ventielen, pressure excess valve

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