Pressure Safety Valve 628 Series

Pressure relief valves made of gunmetal, angle-type, with threaded connections

A proven all-round valve with proportional operating characteristics and an extremely compact design. In addition to the basic version, these valves are also available for the most varied customer requirements as a gastight version or with lifting lever. The various sealing materials available mean that this valve is suitable for a wide range of media and temperatures.

As a closed, gastight version without lifting mechanism it is suitable for all media. This makes this series an economcially interesting alternative for plants which do not require any approval or which do not fall under the PED. In addition, due to its relatively large setting range per spring, it is ideally suited in cases where either a stock valve for various applications and set pressures is required or if the customer is looking for an adjustable pressure relief valve.

Examples of use:
For the protection of:
- pressure tanks/-systems for neutral/non-neutral vapours, gases and liquids
- steam boilers and steam plants
if proportional opening characteristics and only small blow-off volumes are required (i.e. protection in the case of expansion due to heating-up).
Please observe plant-specific regulations and use of appropriate valve version and sealing material.
* temperature regluation technology
* cooling systems, industrial cooling
* test rig construction
* process equipment construction
* shipbuilding industry and marine equipment
* mechanical engineering

* Zoekterm: scheepvaart, veerveiligheden, marine, safety valve, Goetze
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