The VS type is a pressure relief valve designed to reduce temporary pressure surge in burning appliances. The shutting-off of automatic valves or non-tightly closing of regulators can cause pressure increase; by releasing that overpressure in a relief line, VS valve enables the system to work properly again.

Valve housing is made of aluminum alloy die-cast. Equipped with adjustable spring, so that relief pressure can be precisely set up on site. Pipe connections meet group 2. Designed for high relief flow. Suitable for use with air and non-aggressive gases included in the 1, 2 and 3 families (EN 437). Special versions for aggressive gases (like biogas or COG) are free of non-ferrous metals and provided with rubber part made of FKM (J version).

* Zoekterm: gas, druk regelaar, regulators, Elektrogas
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