Series 7700 Single Stage

Series 7700 Displacer Operated Level Control Internal Top Mounted Single Stage.

The series 7700 displacer operated level controls are suitable for a wide range of applications on open or pressurized vessels of all dimensions: the use of displacers allows for wide switching differential, field adjustable switching points and use on high pressure applications.

The single stage series are equipped with a single switch mechanism and are available with narrow or wide switching differential. The narrow range models are factory set to work with a fixed differential (40 mm average) slightly variable according to the liquid specific gravity: the switching level can be adjusted readily by changing the displacer position on the suspension cable.

The wide switching differential models are fitted with two separate displacers for rising or falling level; by changing the relative position of the displacers on the cable the differential setting as well as the switching level can be adjusted. The carbon steel connection to the vessel can be screwed 3" NPT or flanged 3" ANSI 150 as standard; the trim is in AISI 316 stainless steel, the attraction sleeve in series 400 AISI stainless steel and the displacer spring is in INCONEL.

The displacer can be supplied in AISI 316L or in porcelain with AISI 316 suspension cable 3 meters long.

* Zoekterm: vlotter niveau schakelaar, displacer, float level switch, Sensilevel
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