Series S6600

Series S6600 Displacer Operated Level Controls with Horizontal Chamber.

The S6600 series is designed for external mounting on vessels with a float with a counterbalancing arm,
enabling control of liquids with very low densities (down to 0.4 kg/dm³). In the standard model the opening float chamber is in carbon steel, the float is in AISI 316 L, the attraction sleeve is in AISI 446, and the other internal elements are in AISI 316.

The standard model comes in-line vertical 1" NPT-F process connections; Flanged or weld (S.W. or B.W.) models are also available on request. This series is fitted with a single switch mechanism, and the differential calibration is factory set so that high and low level switching are symmetrical with respect to the device’s horizontal axis.

* Zoekterm: vlotter niveau schakelaar, displacer, float level switch, Sensilevel
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