TB8300 Torque Tube

Torque Tube TB300 series Digital Transmitters.

The series TB300 torque tube liquid level instruments utilize the buoyancy exerted on a displacer when immersed in a liquid.

The buoyancy on the displacer is proportional to the liquid level and operates on an elastic torque tube which, transforming the applied force in a rotary movement, operates the magnet and consequently the electronic transmitter. This system is exceptionally accurate and friction free as the torque tube acts also as sealing device towards the pressure of the process fluid whose level is being measured. The instruments are provided with a system for the specific gravity

calibration of the measured liquid. They can be also designed for the interface measurement of different liquids or for density measurements. They are available in different styles for external or internal mounting on tank and offer different possibilities both for the process connection position and for the construction materials.

* Zoekterm: vlotter niveau schakelaar, displacer, float level switch, Sensilevel
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