Goetze - Technical Valves for Gases and Cryo

Extreme conditions - Safe solutions. Goetze Safety valves and fittings for cryogenic applications, hydrogen and other technical gases.

Technical gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. Deep cold temperatures down to -200 °C . Safety and hygiene under extreme conditions. - Only the best materials and designs can master these parameters. Goetze is your partner in safety here too. With our cryogenic package, we ensure safe plants and storage containers. High-quality, robust and corrosion-resistant, our valves and fittings do their job in terms of safeguarding, shutting off, controlling or switching. Our own series with integrated safety function offer you the perfect conditions for smooth operation.

* from nominal width DN 15 to DN 100
* from 0,2 bar to 1500 bar
* from -270 °C to +400 °C

Progress means surpassing the status quo - redefining the standards. With the further development of our 492 series, we have succeeded in doing so. With the nominal width DN6, pressures up to 1500 bar are safeguarded. This sets a new milestone in the field of high-pressure safety valves for technical gases. Remarkable: the safety valve is only half the weight and half the size of comparable valves. The compact design simplifies the integration of the valve in limited installation space. It is one of many examples of how we can support you as a solution partner in the field of hydrogen applications - especially when special competence for high pressures is required. Of course, always in certified quality.

With our complete cryogenic solution, we ensure safe systems and storage containers. Our products for cryogenic applications cover all areas: Safeguarding, shutting off, regulating and switching. In particular, our valves of the 2400 series are used - the low temperatures of the gases are used in many different ways, from the food industry and medical technology to power generation. The outstanding quality of Goetze cryogenic valves has been confirmed by approval for gases and vapours as well as for liquids.

Handling oxygen requires care to the power of two. In the entire production process. This is the only way to effectively avoid hazards. To meet these high standards, there are our GOX valves, especially for gaseous oxygen (Gasesous Oxygen = GOX). They are explicitly tested for oxygen in the application range 50 - 420 bar / 60 °C with adiabatic pressure surges.
We have also developed a specific production process to ensure the highest quality: Assembly takes place in a separate clean room. This is pressurised with 20 millibars of filtered, air-conditioned air. This means that neither particles nor dirt can penetrate from the outside. Trained personnel, compliance with all relevant regulations and recurring process monitoring of oil- and grease-free cleaning, assembly, testing, packaging and labelling ensure excellent output: Oxygen-compliant safety valves for your applications.

Please observe plant-specific regulations and use of appropriate valve version and sealing material.

Examples of use & Approvals see datasheet

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