Visual Level Indicator with Continuous Output, LVC Series

The LVC series gauges allow control at all times the liquid steadily, clearly and precisely.

The principle used is that of the vases: the liquid from the tank when the gauge is applied by means of hollow screws through the transparent tube, revealing the precise point reached in the tank.The visualization is made more efficient with the inclusion of a float in the clear tube, this housing inside a magnet, whose field of action without physical contact small reed placed within a tube steel applied to the level.The operation of these contacts can be inserted or the gradual disarming of resistance, also placed inside the stainless steel tube (raster), generating a signal resistive, variously used (eg 4-20 mA) proportional to the liquid inside the tank.The float in the transparent tube slides, can excite one or more latching sensors, positioned at will along the axis of the level, and only when the float will turn the opposite direction the sensor is not be more excited.

* Zoekterm: peiltoestellen, level, niveau
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