Hart Field Communicators KAP-03 and KAP-03Ex

The KAP-03 (KAP-03Ex) HART field communicator is a portable battery supplied device used for communication and exchange of data with smart transmitters e. g. pressure, differential pressure, temperature transmitters.

It features an output built as a standard current loop 4-20 mA, using FSK modulation type BEL 202 with an implemented HART communication protocol revision 5 and revision 6.

The communicator is specially designed to configure smart transmitters manufactured by APLISENS.

The communication with the transmitters enables:
* Identification of a transmitter,
* Configuration of its output parameters: Units and values of the beginning and the end of its measurement range, Ballistic factor, Conversion characteristics (linear, radical, special, quadratic)
* Reading of a PV values (e.g. pressure, output current, degree of output setting in %)
* Enforcement of output current with a given value
* Transmitter calibration in relation to master pressure,
* Function linearization (user characteristic creator),
* Zeroing
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