Temperature sensor with integrated protection tube CT

Temperature sensors CT are offered as Pt100/Pt1000 resistance thermometers or thermocouples. In resistance sensors (RTD) platinum resistors change their electrical resistance as a function of temperature. RTD, the most commonly used sensors in industry, are suitable for applications between -196...+600°C Celsius degrees. The accuracy classes A and B are availeble with a tolerance acc. to IEC60751. Thermocouples are made of two different conductors joined at the end. The temperature difference between junction, placed in measuring point (hot junction), are wire ends (cold junction), generate voltage proportional to the difference of temperature between these junctions. Thermocouples are suiteble for measurment of high temperatures, up to 1700°C Celsius degrees. The accuracy classes 1 and 2 are availeble with tolerance acc. to IEC60584.

* RTD (Pt100, Pt1000) and TC sensors
* ATEX Exia certificate * ATEX Exd certificate
* DNV/GL marine certificate

* Zoekterm: industriele temperatuur sensoren, industrial temperature sensors, Aplisens

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Artikelnummer / Kopen Product Voorraad Levertijd Prijs Kopen
APLI-CT-GB1-MR-PT100-A-3-G1/2-100 Temperature Sensor Type CT-GB1 € 238,00
APLI-CT-GN1-PT100-B-2-G1/2-50-AT2-0÷100C-3,6MA Temperature Sensor Type CT GN1 € 285,00
APLI-CT-GN1-PT100-B-2-G1/2-100-AT2-0÷350C-3,6MA-(1) Temperature Sensor Type CT GN1 - KR01190221 € 285,00
APLI-CT-GN1-INCONEL-PT100-B-2-G1/2-100-AT2-0÷350C- Temperature Sensor Type CT GN1 - INCONEL insert - KR09130177 € 303,00
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