Level Switch

Level switch

A level switch, or a levelswitch as these devices are sometimes referred to, are sensors which often provide an electrical contact output. This is generated at a specific fluid, powder or bulk level so that a process can subsequently be turned on or off automatically. A key part of many automation processes in industry and around the home, level switches can be conductive, capacitive, inductive or optical. Some have diaphragms, whilst others work with displacer or float technologies. Other types of level switches include vibrating rod, tilt and some tuning fork models. At PandID, we are a leading supplier of level switch technologies, where a tubular float level switch or a side-mounted model, for example, can be found to suit nearly all applications.

Buying a level switch from experts

Looking for a float levelswitch? If so, then we can help because we have plenty of these sort of devices available to choose from. Float level switches are used in all manner of industrial applications, such as in condensation tanks, boilers, drip legs and for oil level control mechanisms. They are frequently used where pump automation is necessary, such as in tanks and reservoirs. Wherever the amount of fluid needs to be regulated, our high-quality and corrosion resistant products will be able to help.

A reliable level switch supplier

If you are searching for a supplier of level switch systems of a different type, then PandID can help, too. Our magnetic level switching products, for instance, come in a variety of configurations to suit all needs. Often supplied with adjustable probe lengths that can be attached with compression fittings on the product's mounting hardware, these devices can be used as a single or a multipoint level control system, depending on the desired usage. Perfect for a range of tough process control applications, this sort of technology is highly engineered so that it can operate reliably in almost any fluid, even at high pressures and temperatures. Both high and low safety systems are catered for by the products on offer.


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