Line Blinds Enquiry

When it comes to flow and control products, at PandID we will typically receive a line blinds enquiry. Any enquiry for line blinds is commonly focussed on the application of a valve that needs to be permanently installed into a pipeline, either that is under construction or to be retro-fitted for a particular reason. Our line blinds enquiry team can help to direct clients to the right sort of product for the given application. 

A pipeline cut off system, such as a line blind, is an essential feature of many pipework networks in order to cut off certain processes, when needed and to ensure the safety of personnel working on equipment that might be downstream from the cut off point. This is particularly the case when flammable or toxic liquids might be being processed. In other cases, where gas is passing along a pipeline, preventing any seepage from a cut off point is even more essential to get right. As such, any line blinds enquiry often needs to be handled as a health and safety matter of high importance. For example, in many industrial settings, visible proof of a cut off of the pipeline is necessary before any work can take place. Therefore, a line blind is mandatory in certain situations in order to comply with the local safety regulations. 

Various approaches are used in order to show how a valve's internal mechanism is shut off. Some use cam mechanisms, for example. These allow operators to change the plate from an open to a closed position and vice versa within a relatively short time frame. Commonly, operators do this by turning a screw thread against the cam mechanism which is operated via a hand wheel. This means that such products have a great advantage in speed and control over alternatives like ball valves which tend to take longer to both open and close sections of pipework. Another enquiry line blinds tend to be asked about is their ability to be operated without any specialist tooling, something that can be provided for with many of our products. For an enquiry of line blinds and any other related product, please do not hesitate to ask PandID.

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