MOD. 004

Controlled safety pressure relief system

Controlled safety pressure relief system CSPRS valves are mainly used where conventional direct-loaded spring action valves cannot guarantee the opening and closing margins that certain specifi c conditions of service demand.
The objective is to help the closure by means of pressure so that the valve remains completely watertight until reaching the set pressure and/or to activate the opening with pressure.

Once evacuated and in keeping with a previous adjustment, to assist with closing pressure, to once again achieve closure with the desired watertightness.

This allows us to:
* Stabilise the functioning in critical applications of one or several valves.
* Improve performance, position, repeatability and operational effi ciency.
* Improve the opening-closure hysteresis.
* Reduce product losses and minimise them in the case of working with several valves at staggered pressures, if conditions so permit.
* Increase the operating pressure of the system up to 99.9% of the set pressure.The control safety pressure relief system CSPRS device can be used with any safety valve available in the market and in particular, with models VYC Mod. 485, 486, 494, 495 and 496.

For models and options see PDF documentation below, follow this link to the PRICE LIST

* Zoekterm: stoomwater, veerveiligheden, steam water, safety valves, VYC
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