Pressure Safety Valve 683 Series

Pressure reducing valves made of stainless steel, with threaded connections

This pressure reducing valve is an alternative to the larger versions, in cases where only small flow volumes are required or the medium in question is compressed air. With an outlet pressure of max. 50 bar the pressure reducing valve is used, for example, to control the starter air on ships. It goes without saying, that it holds all the necessary marine approvals of the various bodies such as Germanischer Lloyd etc. This valve is used in many industrial applications particularly for compressed air and neutral gases.

Examples of use & Approvals see datasheet

IMPA Part No. Item Code
756571 683mGO-SP 10 F/F 10/10 NBR
756572 683mGO-SP 15 F/F 10/10 NBR
756573 683mGO-SP 10 F/F 10/10 NBR
756574 683mGO-SP 20 F/F 20/20 NBR
756575 683mGO-SP 32 F/F 32/32 NBR
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