ATMI – the specialist manufacturer of switches

ATMI – the specialist manufacturer of switches

Welcome to ATMI, the Specialist Manufacturer of Float and Tilt level switches for liquids and bulk solids.
6 float & tilt level switches ranges available in more than 50 versions

ATMI product range

If you are looking for a float level switch to do all types of automatic regulations of liquids level (automation) for pumps of all powers and for others, ATMI is able to offer you all you may need.

Usually called float level switches, the level switches, the level regulators and the level detectors are different kind of categories of devices made by ATMI, for more than 40 years based on the float system.

For liquids as well as for solids and pulverulents, you will find at ATMI the float level switch that suits your need for your regulation in pumping stations of all sizes, in domestic or industrial cisterns, for level detection in industrial tanks with narrow-access for example, even for application with explosive risks.

Moreover, we are proud to say that our tilt level switches to stop the filling of storing silos of grains, cereals, pulverulents etc, even in hazardous areas, known for more than 15 years a huge success in France as well as out of it.

No matter if you are a manufacturer or integrator, installer, a sales engineer/technician, a project manager, distributor or an end-user, you will always find at ATMI, without losing your time, the device you need.

ATMI offers an extensive range:

For drinking water meant for human consumption: ACS certified devices
For clear water, wastewater, all kind of loaded liquids : devices in polypropylene copolymer
For aggressive liquid mixtures (solvents, hydrocarbons, acids, etc): HR HY devices ( High resistance Hypalon)
For hazardous environments 0,1,2 for gas and 20,21,22 for dust: devices Ex, ATEX certified.

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