Pneumatic Controllers & Recorders

High-quality pneumatic card recorders for temperature and pressure.

These strip and circular pneumatic card recorders are suitable for recording temperature / pressure values of liquids, gaseous or vaporous media.

The instruments measure the temperature / pressure of the medium, register the value and / or compare the measured value with the setpoint and give a standard pneumatic signal of 0.2-1 bar or 3-15 psi. This output pressure can be used to control a pneumatic valve.


At PandID, we offer a range of pneumatic controllers & recorders that is second to none in a wide number of industrial applications. For example, our 8000 series of pneumatic torque tube liquid level controllers are highly precise instruments that make clever use of the buoyancy exerted on them to provide accurate readings when they are immersed in a fluid. Within this range, for example, the buoyancy of the displacer is directly proportional to the liquid level that is measured, meaning that they can be used in many different sorts of settings. Our range of pneumatic controllers & recorders come with an instrument case for ease of use. Indeed, many are produced with a system for the specific gravity compensation consistent with the fluid that is being measured. 

Among the range of pneumatic controllers, there are plenty that are designed for a specific interface or that have a particular gravity service that is being catered for. These highly precise devices are available in a number of styles, for example, those that are put together for external mounting and those which have an internal fixing method, like those which might be fitted to a tank. The PandID range of pneumatic controllers affords many different application possibilities with flexibility in their process connection positions. A range of construction materials are used within this product group, too, to help ensure they can be used in almost any situation.

The pneumatic recorders we supply are as equally well made. For example, many come with a circular chart indicator which makes them ideal for temperature recording applications. Easy to view, these pneumatic recorders are frequently installed in pharmaceutical plants, for example, and where the level of refrigerating rooms need to be recorded over a given time period, such as in food processing plants. Process control systems are also catered for within the range. Industrial sectors that rely on these devices include the petrochemicals industry, the textile manufacturing sector and the paper industry, to name but three.

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