Pneumatic Transmitters

Pneumatic transmitter technology has been developed over many decades to provide highly accurate readings of the pneumatic pressure being applied in a given situation. Pneumatic transmitters work in a number of ways, but usually with pressure being applied to an area of the device where it compresses, such as a typical bellows configuration. With such an approach, pneumatic pressure pushes down on a capsule which closes the bellows such that a force bar is pushed back and forth. Crucially, with high-quality pneumatic transmitters, the degree of pneumatic pressure being applied should be directly proportional to the force bar's movement so that the transmitter can give an accurate reading every time. Sometimes the force bar creates a pivot on a wheel so that the degree of pneumatic pressure can be read easily by sight.

At PandID, we are a trusted supplier of pneumatic transmitter technologies. Our devices are used in a number of systems across all sorts of industries. A supplier of pneumatic transmitter systems that are suited to a range of PSIs, these devices have a deserved reputation for providing reliable measurements of both pressure and differential pressure. They are also frequently used to offer the level of flow of fluids, steam and gas. Such pneumatic transmitting technology provides users with pressure ratings and calibrated spans that suit many different industrial sectors, often with rugged casings to ensure that they can put up with heavily industrialised settings.

No matter what sort of pneumatic transmitter you are looking for, our devices provide easy settings that can accurately span things like external zero adjustments and optimal speed of response settings. Of course, when they are being used to measure and transmit pneumatic pressure ratings, it is often essential that waterproof protection is offered for this sort of product, too. Finally, it is worth mentioning that differential pressure variation products are also available whereby two forged bodies are placed within a single unit to be read by a single measuring capsule.

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